Success Stories of Varun Kaushik & Leela Sharma

I have seen Leela's profile on disabledmatrimonial.com and sent my interest to her, she accepted it after 2-3 days, after her acceptance I gave her a call and than we started talking each other, after few days we decided to meet each other, on our first meeting she told me that she wants some time for marriage, I said how much time do you want, She said around 6 months, I asked for what, she said, to know each other, to make a faith and trust on each other, I said okay take as much as time you want, and between that period we had a great time to know each & other and after having faith, we decided that our families should meet, after few months our families met and decided the date of our marriage, So I really want thank Jeevansathi for giving Geetanjali as my Soul Mate and Finding a Lovely Life Partner for me and I'm surely going to recommend to my friends for disabled matrimonial. Thank You So Much Yours Truly. Varun Kaushik